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Athlon Poncho Towel – Technical Diver

Athlon Poncho Towel – Technical Diver



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Our Hooded Poncho Towel (or bath changing robe) offers you all in one: changing robe, towel, and protection from the elements. A mid weight towel for compact travel.
Perfect after long water exposure be it a long dive, surfing, kite surfing, wake boarding or just at the pool/beach.
Made to ensure a practical life around water, it will allow you to change easy and quickly in public providing warmth and privacy at the same time. No more frosty mornings or windy afternoons.
The microfiber and cotton double sided towel allow you dry up quickly absorbing the water internally and expelling it to the exterior of the towel thus avoiding the soaked, wet feeling.
The one size will provide adequate changing room under the poncho to easily get out of wetsuits, bathing suits and rash guards with no problem.
All in all, a must have accessory with any water sport be it at a poll beach, lake or river.

High Quality Material

  • 50% Dry fit Microfibre </ li>
  • 50% Heavy Cotton for Absorption </ li>
  • 1 adult size: 105 height x 72cm width </ li>
  • 100% Eco Friendly Ink </ li>
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