D9 Breathable Drysuit

D9 Breathable Drysuit

Light-weight breathable Quad-Lam Drysuit with front zipper.

The new D9 Breathable Drysuit is Waterproof’s answer to the growing demand for a light traveler, tropical and snorkeling drysuit. Its extremely light and breathable properties add to the comfort of the user.

The light quad layer fabric with the breathable membrane in combination with ultra-sonic welded socks and latex seals makes the suit easy to fold and transport. But even with adequate tear, puncture and wear resistance this is a suit designed for more delicate diving. It is not constructed for advanced high tech or wreck diving, for this Waterproof has better suited hard core diving models.

The suit is equipped with integrated suspenders and together with the crotch strap they form a telescope waist. Thanks to this telescope waist construction, the ergonomics of the suit give a feeling of ordinary clothing. It also allows the use by persons of different heights. No need for individual suits for each user. The D9 is perfect for tropical diving or snorkeling in colder waters.
This suit can be ordered with an oral inflator mounted to the inlet for snorkeling purposes, or be bought separately.

Low pressure hose
Light weight ventilated bag
  • Details

    CORDURA NYLON QUAD-LAM - AquaMax 330 denier Cordura Nylon. Breathable.
    FABRIC SOCKS - Ultrasonic welded breathable fabric socks.
    FLEXIBLE DRY ZIPPER - Light and flexible TIZIP MasterSeal 10.
    INTEGRATED SUSPENDERS - Adjustable integrated suspenders for comfortable fit.
    KNEE REINFORCEMENT - Double layers of abrasion resistance fabric.
    Oral Inflator - Oral inflator can be be mounted in the inlet valveport. It has a locking function preventing inadvertly opening of the valve.
    PRE BENT LEGS - Provides a perfect anatomical fit when in diving position.
    SEAM FREE CROTCH - The Crotch is made in one piece, no seams. This to ensure a more durable and comfortable suit.
    SI TECH VALVES - Swiveling inlet valve and adjustable automatic outlet valve. Provided by SI TECH.
    TELESCOPE TORSO - Suspenders and the adjustable torso system enable the diver to fit the suit to their liking.
    WARM CUFFS - The arms are equipped with warm cuffs that minimize heat loss at the wrists. Just put the glove underneath the cuff.
    ZIPPER COVER - Provides protection of your dry zipper.