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Nano Flash Lighting Set

Nano Flash Lighting Set

Nano Flash Lighting Set is a universal lighting set designed to be compatible with any compact digital housing, including Fantasea, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony, Olympus, Sea&Sea, Panasonic, Ikelite and more
  • Details

    Blue Ray Single Tray
    Flex Arm 30cm
    Nano Flash
    Nano Fiber Optic Cable Kit
    Fantasea Pro Bag

    Guide number 12
    Uses 2 x AAA batteries.
    Depth rated to 60m/200 feet.
    Features 3 pre-flash modes to suit a wide variety of digital cameras. Whether your camera is capable of Manual mode, or has one or two pre-flashes to set exposure, the Nano Flash ensures correct exposure with all such camera types.
    Fiber Optic Cable can be separately ordered
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